Welcome to Kairos Europe - 1st March 2015

About Kairos

Our Mission Statement

Kairos Europe serves to support the mission activities of the Kairos Foundation of Buenos Aires, so that it can plan for growth and extend its ministry to more Churches and Christians in the vital work of God’s kingdom throughout Latin America.

It represents the Foundation in Europe, promoting its vision and cooperating in its search for financial sustainability.


Our History 

The Kairos Foundation was formed as a community in 1976 by a group of Christian leaders living in Argentina. Its main purpose was the formation of disciples of Jesus Christ who would relate their faith to every aspect of life. In 1987 the community was registered in Argentina as a non-profit organization called ‘Kairos Foundation’.


The objectives of the Kairos Foundation

  • To enable community and church leaders, through practical advice, training, and personal development to facilitate practical theological reflection and capacity building with a view to people, especially those living in areas of social and economic deprivation in Latin America, attaining a better quality of life.
  • To promote a theological reflection, which changes the Christian community’s way of thinking about and practice of integral mission. Integral mission combines a sharing of the gospel of forgiveness through Jesus Christ and a demonstration of the love and justice of God in every dimension of life.